Trying to Find My First House

I have been saving my money for quite awhile and right now the idea is that we are trying to buy my first house. The problem is pretty difficult, because I am obviously not going to be able to afford the house of my dreams. In fact it seems like any house that I can afford is going to have a problem or three. The one I looked at this morning had no working air conditioning, in fact some thieves had broken into the place and stole the copper. So it needs to have air conditioning installation in NYC, which is going to be pretty expensive and something that I am going to figure out how necessary it really is. The first option would be very unpleasant, but perhaps not quite impossible. That would be just making do with a couple of fans. Obviously you can survive if you have the fan aimed at you all of the time.

If it is one person, then that makes it a lot more practical. It is not going to make people want to come over to see you on hot summer nights. Of course this house is quite small, so you would also have the option of using a window unit or perhaps two of them. I have seen small ones for around two hundred and fifty dollars and one of those is likely only of use for one room and not a really large room either. As the house is small, then you probably could make do with two of them, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. That still leaves the kitchen and obviously the kitchen is going to get hotter than the rest of the place if you use it as it is intended to be used.